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Burnt out on electric grunge and looking to do something acoustic, songwriter Dave Foster found himself a band of like-minded musicians, and so the indie pop band known as ‘Bubble’ was formed.

Twenty years later and they’re still together, writing and producing their own songs (they have an album in the works) and playing shows where they cover whole Beatles albums – even performing at Lincoln Center Out of Doors.

Though before any of this, Foster was just a love-struck teenager trying to impress the girl he liked. But while the girl didn’t stick, the song writing did.

We asked Dave a few questions in advance of his appearance at Beauty Love Truth this Friday May 16th, 2014 at Standard Toykraft.


What is your first memory of beauty?

Probably my mother…or the first time I saw the ocean.


Tell us something you love.

My 3 sons…not the TV show…actual children.


Where do you find the truth in music?

In the vulnerability of the voice…and the picture the words/melody paints.


Have you known other people who have done Beauty Love Truth?

My friends Lianne Smith, Matthew Caws and Lee Feldman


What are you expecting?

The unexpected


What are you looking forward to?

Watching how the improvisers riff off my songs.


When did beauty get you in trouble?

When did it not?


What is something you’ve loved since you were a child?



What is the greatest truth you learned as an adult?

Parents and teachers are real life superheroes.


It’s the end of the world and you’re asked to explain an instance of beauty/love/truth from your life. Which would you pick and what would you say?

Holding my first son just after he was born and looking into his eyes. He still looks at me like that with those eyes.


Where is the most surprising/unexpected place you’ve found beauty?

An abandoned house on the Williamsburg waterfront in the mid-90s (filming a Bubble video). It was like being in a cabin in the woods with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop.


What is something/someone you love that would surprise people?

The Food Network. I have missed it ever since I ditched cable TV.


What is a truth about you that would surprise people?

I am ¼ Sicilian. So don’t mess with me (or at least a quarter of me).


Which is easiest for you to sing about, beauty, love or truth?

Love songs…nothing but love songs (with intermittent truth).


[box type=”shadow”]DAVE FOSTER will be joined by Rembert Block at Beauty Love Truth, Friday, May 16 at 8pm at Standard Toykraft.[/box]


Nivea Serrao is an entertainment journalist and sketch comedian living in New York City. She writes for NYU’s Washington Square News and the satirical ladies’ news site Reductress. Follow Nivea on twitter or tumblr.


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