Beauty Love Truthers on WBAI Cat Radio Cafe on Monday, July 9, 2012

Garry Goodrow, Ed Illades, Shannon Manning, Chris Mills will be on Janet Coleman and David Dozer’s radio program Cat Radio Cafe on WBAI on Monday, July 9, 2012 2-3pm. We will be talking about Beauty Love Truth, Del Close and improv theater in general!

Garry was in The Committee, which created Harold with Del and will improvise in the next show Beauty Love Truth with Bob Dorough at Peoples Improv Theater. Ed Illades is a regular cast member of Beauty Love Truth who studied at IO Chicago. Chris Mills is a regular BLT musician and now improviser, having just performed in UCB’s Del Close Marathon. Shannon Manning studied with Del and is the creator and coproducer/codirector with Louie Pearlman of the current run of Beauty Love Truth.

Cat Radio Cafe with Janet Coleman and David Dozer on WBAI.
PART II mp3 download (starts at 5 minutes in.)


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