Beauty Love Truth with Stephan Said & Matt Koff, Thursday, Sept 27, 8pm at PIT

Thursday, Sept 27, 8pm at The PIT 123 E 24th BTW Park & Lex (new location!)

Tickets here.

Musical guest STEPHAN SAID will play his music to inspire improvised scenes. Nothing is planned; it’s all improvised. You will never see this show again! (Read BLT Q&A with Stephan here.)

Featuring an INTRODUCTION by MATT KOFF (Onion News Network, Comedy Central blogger) who will speak on the subject of Beauty Love AND/OR Truth.

This month’s IMPROVISERS include:

Angela DeManti (The Weird Sisters, Magnet)
Matt Higgins (Centralia, Burn Manhattan)
Bradford Jordan (Story Pirates, PIT)
Nick Kanellis (Trike, Story Pirates)
Roy Koshy (Yes Andersens, Magnet, PIT)
Shannon Manning (Second City, IO, UCB, “Conan”)
Doug Moe (“Doug Moe is a Bad Dad,” UCB’s MOTHER, “30 Rock,” “Conan”)
Louie Pearlman (Story Pirates, The Spidey Project, Buckshot N Benny)



More about STEPHAN SAID Recording Artist and Human Rights Activist:

(Read BLT Q&A with Stephan here.)

Stephan Said, aka Stephan Smith, is an internationally acclaimed musician, writer and activist who has been called “this generation’s Woody Guthrie” (Billboard Magazine) and favorably compared to Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Bob Marley in publications such as the New York Times, Billboard Magazine, BBC, NPR and RFI. An Iraqi-American with immediate family in Baghdad and Mosul and a diverse heritage that combines Christianity and Islam, he is a prominent voice for interfaith dialogue, peace, and global justice. His song “The Bell” was “the first major song against the war in Iraq”(Neil Strauss, NY Times) and hailed as “the antiwar anthem of this generation.”(GNN) Stephan pioneered the use of the internet to distribute mp3’s and music videos for social causes on a mass scale, and his essays on music and global affairs have appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Progressive Magazine, CounterPunch, Sing Out! Magazine, Folker Magazine (Germany), The Huffington Post, AlterNet, Counterpunch, and others. Since his last album on Artemis Records, Stephan completed his graduate studies in International Affairs from the New School University.

Stephan’s new album, difrent:, with Grammy Award winning Producer Hal Willner (Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Bono, Saturday Nite Live), features his most universal songwriting to date, with cinematic love songs and pop anthems to global tolerance and peace in English, Arabic, French and Spanish blending pop with rock, folk, and world music. difrent: is Stephan’s first album reclaiming his born name, Said, having put out several critically acclaimed albums under his mother’s maiden name “Stephan Smith,” after executives at major labels in the U.S. insisted he “could never have a career in the America with an Arabic name.” The album debuts an all-star band featuring Cindy Blackman on drums, Kevin Hunter on mandolin and guitar, Yousif Sheronick on percussion, and George Mitchell on upright and electric bass. Strings and horns include recording legends Lenny Pickett, Howard Johnson, Earl Gardner, Art Baron, and Jane Scarpantoni. The album is being released to launch Stephan’s biggest project to date, difrent: a global broadcasting platform and one-stop for the music of social change. difrent: connects artists and organizations for initiatives having a positive impact on the ground worldwide, and promotes young voices that are making music and culture to advance peace, equality, and environmental sustainability.
Stephan is known for consistently using his art at the frontlines of social change, repeatedly breaking nascent initiatives and movements into the mainstream. He has produced several albums for his own independent label Universal Hobo Records as well as for Artemis Records, Rounder Records, and Caroline Records, and his songs have been sung by artists including Dave Matthews, Patti Smith, DJ Spooky, Pete Seeger, and others. Stephan has also performed, toured, or recorded with a wide range of artists including Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan, Ween, Paul Simon, Ani DiFranco, Phillip Glass, Butch Morris, and others, and.

Stephan was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the youngest of 4 siblings. His father, Mohamed Said, is from Nineveh, Iraq, and is Muslim. His mother, Monika Smith, is from Vienna, Austria, and is Catholic, but parts of her family had Jewish relatives, as is typical of all Europeans, and the family took a stand against Nazi boycotts in WWII. His wife, Anushay, is Pakistani and Muslim. He is multi-lingual and sings in English, Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian and Spanish and is learning to sing Urdu(like Chaudvhin Ka Chand, teekh hain?!). He holds a Masters in International Affairs from The New School, and has studied and written extensively on global development, poverty reduction, weapons law and human rights. Stephan began playing piano at 3, composing and studying classical violin at 4, and guitar at 11 years old. After a sports accident that ended his hope of college scholarships, he immersed himself in the study of social movements and philosphers, from John the Baptist to Ghandi, Mohamed and MLK, Jr. He quit high school to play Jazz and then tour with several bands signed to SST records, beginning with proto-punk jam-band Always August, and toured with Sonic Youth, Dinousaur Jr. Firehose and others in his teens. By his late teens and through his early 20′s he became a migrant worker to immerse himself in aural tradition in search of keys to rejoin a society he saw falling apart at the seams when it needed to come together to address inevitable crises. In his travels he learned numerous folk traditions first-hand, and is a champion fiddler accomplished in Old-Time and Bluegrass, Rai, Gypsy, Irish, Arabic, Scottish, Ranchero, Klezmer, and other music. He lives in New York City.


Check out recent radio program Cat Radio Cafe with Janet Coleman and David Dozer on WBAI. PART II mp3 download (starts at 5 minutes in.)

Beauty Love Truth Thursday Aug 30 at 8pm with Ko-Lition at PIT

The PIT 123 E 24th BTW Park & Lex (new location!)

Tickets here.

Musical guest Ko-Lition (Check out their new album on iTunes) will play their music to inspire improvised scenes. Nothing is planned; it’s all improvised. You will never see this show again!

Featuring an INTRODUCTION by MIKE DOUGHTY who will speak AND/OR sing on the subject of Beauty Love AND/OR Truth.

This month’s IMPROVISERS include:

Kaitlin Fontana
(Buckshot ‘n’ Benny, CTV’s “The Party“)
Shannon Manning (Second City, IO, UCB, “Conan”)
John Murray (“30 Rock” UCB: Death By Roo Roo)
Louie Pearlman (Story Pirates, The Spidey Project, Buckshot N Benny)
Natasha Rothwell (UCB, PIT, Just for Laughs, Story Pirates)
Erik Tanouye (“BP Spills Coffee”, Onion News Network, UCB: Curfew, Neighbor Boy)
Betsy Todd (UCB, Magnet, “Battle of the Bozos”)
Matt B. Weir (Cool Cars and Science,  We’re Matt Weir)


Beauty Love Truth Press Release Aug 30


BLT Q&A with Ko-Lition by Kaitlin Fontana.

See Music Live… Its Bigger Than Hearing It


“Everyone is a robot and it’s ok to be a Robot… Just be an interesting one!” That’s Ko-Lition; the coming together of artists that separate themselves from the norm of the robotic-like 9-5 life and stagnant music that people hate. These Knockout (K.O.) Artists strive for that separation and creation of new ‘feel good’ music. Combining genres of music such as Hip Hop, Jazz, and Electro, they bring new flavor and a new attitude.

The Brooklyn boys started their music career with a boom box and a mic rapping to friends and family. They reached out to anyone who would listen and were eventually picked up by Brothers and Sisters Entertainment (BSE) where they were able to really bring out their talent through Showcases all over the US, including 106th and Park and BB Kings.After many years in the BSE Family, the Duo decided to venture out on their own and created their own production company, See Music Live LLC which embodies the importance of astonishing and energetic stage presence as well as their vision of where they want to see music go in the years to come. They can be found spreading their music in open mics and showcases all over NYC which include venues like Sullivan Hall and China 1 Lounge. They are currently working on their upcoming album “Love Jazz Robotz,” which features their single ‘Must Be Robotz,’ coming soon. Ko-Lition are looking to excite audiences with brand new music in a brand new year.

Meet the Guys

“I FIRST CAUGHT THE VERBAL BUG AFTER LISTENIN’ TO A TRIBE CALLED QUEST’S ‘ELECTRIC RELAXATION…’” says De-Lo, “it was the first track I’ve heard that had me say ‘damn… that’s how I’m a sound when I get my words together.” His first battle was in JHS against another student. They both didn’t write at the time, so “we would jack our favorite MCs and battle wit their rhymes and the kid didn’t know how to deliver so he always lost. Shortly after, we started writing our own and from then, I realized that I had the gift of delivery.” By the time he entered HS, De-Lo’s skills expanded, and so did his confidence. De-Lo has a passion for the art he loves, and looks to be a trailblazer in the next era of rap, bringing back the love of lyricism and just good music making.

First felt the lyrical bug in Elementary school when he wrote a rhyme about black history month. It was so well received that he felt like it was the start of something hot. He honed his skills over the years, even incorporating his love into his schoolwork (he once wrote a paper in JHS analyzing the verses of De La Soul’s “Millie Pulled a Gun on Santa”, complete with an audio presentation of the song to his class). As his young maturity grew, he continued listening to the greats in hip-hop, developing his lyrical and story-telling ability. Though mostly in a party mood, his lyrics are thoughtful, fun, yet strong, serious and intelligent. He is one of the main creative heads behind the development of Ko-Lition overall style.The Duo draw their influences from all genres of music from A Tribe Called Quest, Jay-Z, Black thought, Mos Def, Kanye West, Outkast, Missy, Daft Punk, Maroon 5, Fred Wesley and the Gorillaz, to name a few. Ko-Lition are delightful young men with the charisma and energy to keep an entire room entertained. What’s their mission statement? “We are here for the taking.”

Check out their new album on iTunes

Kolition at Beauty Love Truth, intro by Mike Doughty

Next show:

→ THURS, SEPTEMBER 27 at 8pm with musical guest Stephan Said and intro by Starlee Kine (NPR)

Check out recent radio program Cat Radio Cafe with Janet Coleman and David Dozer on WBAI. PART II mp3 download or listen online (starts at 5 minutes in.)

Beauty Love Truth: Thursday, July 26 at 8pm with Bob Dorough, Garry Goodrow, Sara Schaefer at PIT

The PIT 123 E 24th BTW Park & Lex (new location!)

Tickets here.

BOB DOROUGH (Miles Davis, Allen Ginsberg, Schoolhouse Rock!) will play his music to inspire improvised scenes. Nothing is planned; it’s all improvised. You will never see this show again!

Featuring an INTRODUCTION by SARA SCHAEFER (“You Had to Be There,” MTV, Fallon) who will speak on the subject of Beauty Love AND/OR Truth.

This month’s IMPROVISERS include:

Matt Higgins (Centralia, Burn Manhattan)
Terry Jinn (UCB, The Project)
Bradford Jordan (Story Pirates, PIT)
Shannon Manning (Second City, IO, UCB, “Conan”)
Louie Pearlman (Story Pirates, The Spidey Project, Buckshot N Benny)
Mark Sam Rosenthal (“Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Named Desire“)
Alexis Saarela ( Someday the Cake, Taco Supreme)
Lauren Sharpe (NeoFuturists NY and Chicago “Too Much Light Makes Baby Go Blind,” “The Complete and Condensed Stage Directions of Eugene O’Neill, Vol. 1.” The New Victory Theater, Big Apple Circus Clown Care.)

and special guest improviser GARRY GOODROW (The Committee, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, The Connection, Dirty Dancing, National Lampoon’s Lemmings, Honey I Blew Up The Kids -writer)


The Committee on Dick Cavett:

Garry Goodrow and John Belushi sketch:

The Connection trailer:

Future casts, special guest actors, and musicians might not be publicized so join the mailing list on the website if you want the scoop.


July BLT with Bob Dorough Press Release


BOB DOROUGH, born in Arkansas and “raised” in Texas, immediately fell in love with music upon joining the Plainview Texas High School Band. He served three years in a Special Services Army Band Unit, gaining much professional experience as arranger, clarinetist, saxophonist, pianist, and entertainer (1943-45).

After earning a Bachelor Of Music degree at the University of North Texas (1949), he made a bee-line for New York City where he took classes at Columbia University and immersed himself in the volatile jazz scene then taking place there -the BeBop revolution.

In 1952 he turned his back on the academic scene to devote himself to jazz performance, specializing in piano/vocals. After years of accompanying, conducting, arranging, and playing, he made his first recording as a leader (1956) for the Bethlehem label….DEVIL MAY CARE, having written the title tune three years earlier. He is known as “the only singer to record with Miles Davis”. While this may not be 100% true, he did record two vocals with Davis, in 1962, “Nothing Like You” and “Blue Xmas,” both of which he composed.

Davis also recorded an instrumental version of Bob’s classic song, “Devil May Care,” that same year.

In 1971 he received a commission to “set the multiplication tables to music.” This led to a small industry, being the beginning of ABC-TV’s SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK, Saturday morning cartoons that entertained and instructed unsuspecting children during the years 1973-1985. The impact of this media exposure was unpredictably immense. The show came back for another five years in the 90’s and is now enjoying its 30th anniversary with a DVD edition of the entire, five-subject series, for which Dorough worked as the Musical Director.

In 1995 he signed a contract with the prestigious jazz label – Blue Note Records – and has done three CDs for them (“Right On My Way Home,” “Too Much Coffee Man“ and “Who‘s On First“).

Now residing in Pennsylvania, he has received honors from that state (the Governor’s Artist of the Year Award) and from his native state (the Arkansas Jazz Hall of Fame.)

In 2002 his trio was chosen to represent the State Department and Kennedy Center, as an Ambassador of Jazz and Blues. The one-month tour saw them play some 22 workshops and concerts in thirteen cities in six different countries.

Currently recording on Arbors, Candid and his own label, Bob Dorough continues to perform, often for children too, in Jazz Clubs and Schools, wherever he can.

bobdoroughfaces BobGarryNelly2

Next shows:

→ THURS, AUGUST 30 at 8pm with musical guest Ko-Lition K.O. (Check out their new album on iTunes.)

→ THURS, SEPTEMBER 27 at 8pm with musical guest Stephan Said

Check out recent radio program Cat Radio Cafe with Janet Coleman and David Dozer on WBAI.  PART II mp3 download or listen online (starts at 5 minutes in.)

Beauty Love Truthers on WBAI Cat Radio Cafe on Monday, July 9, 2012

Garry Goodrow, Ed Illades, Shannon Manning, Chris Mills will be on Janet Coleman and David Dozer’s radio program Cat Radio Cafe on WBAI on Monday, July 9, 2012 2-3pm. We will be talking about Beauty Love Truth, Del Close and improv theater in general!

Garry was in The Committee, which created Harold with Del and will improvise in the next show Beauty Love Truth with Bob Dorough at Peoples Improv Theater. Ed Illades is a regular cast member of Beauty Love Truth who studied at IO Chicago. Chris Mills is a regular BLT musician and now improviser, having just performed in UCB’s Del Close Marathon. Shannon Manning studied with Del and is the creator and coproducer/codirector with Louie Pearlman of the current run of Beauty Love Truth.

Cat Radio Cafe with Janet Coleman and David Dozer on WBAI.
PART II mp3 download (starts at 5 minutes in.)


Beauty Love Truth with Georgia & Ira of Yo La Tengo – Thurs Jan 12 at 9:30pm at PIT

The PIT 123 E 24th BTW Park & Lex (new location!)

Tickets here.

Georgia and Ira of Yo La Tengo will play their music to inspire improvised scenes. Nothing is planned; it’s all improvised. You will never see this show again!

Georgia Hubley and Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo. Photographer: Matthew Salacuse

Featuring an INTRODUCTION by JOE GARDEN (The Onion) who will speak on the subject of Beauty Love AND/OR Truth.

This show’s IMPROVISERS include:

Cast of Jan 12 Beauty Love TruthJessica Allen (Neutrino, Ms Jackson,  “American Standard” & “Staunch”)
James Eason (Mother, Conan, “A-Holes, D-Bags & Lovers”)
Risa Sang-uri Harms (UCB)
Ed Illades (IO Chicago)
Shannon Manning (UCB, Magnet, PIT, IO Chicago, “Conan”)
Doug Moe (“Doug Moe is a Bad Dad,” UCB’s MOTHER, “30 Rock,” “Conan”)
Louie Pearlman (Story Pirates, The Spidey Project, Magnet)
Natasha Rothwell (Oh Boy!, Hodapp and Rothwell, The Story Pirates)


Future casts, special guest actors, and musicians might not be publicized so join the mailing list if you want the scoop.


And here is the BLT Press Release Jan12

Beauty Love Truth is produced and directed by Shannon Manning and Louie Pearlman of Sparkle Television. Contact SHANNON a*t SPARKLETELEVISION d*o*t c*o*m

Live Show with Chris Mills at Peoples Improv Theater – Thursday, June 30 9:30pm

The PIT 123 E 24th BTW Park & Lex (new location!)

Tickets $10.


He will play his music to inspire improvised scenes. The scenes might inspire him to play other music. Nothing is planned; it’s all improvised. You will never see this show again.

FEATURING an INTRODUCTION by cartoonist EMILY FLAKE on the subject of Beauty Love AND/OR Truth.

Emily Flake. Photo by Nick Gordon.

This show’s IMPROVISERS include:

Tony Carnevale (Channel 102, Tony Carnevale’s Greatest Hits)
Anna Chlumsky (In The Loop, “Veep,” My Girl)
Terry Jinn (UCB, The Project)
Bradford Jordan (Swords, Story Pirates)
Shannon Manning (UCB, Magnet, PIT, IO, “Conan”)
John Murray (“30 Rock,” UCB, Magnet)
Louie Pearlman (Story Pirates, The Spidey Project, Magnet)
Alexis Saarela (Taco Supreme, Magnet)
Ashley Ward (PIT, Magnet, UCB, “Jeopardy!”)


With the release of the decade encompassing retrospective Heavy Years: 2000-2010 (Ernest Jenning Record Company) long time fans have a new opportunity to trace Mills’ evolution from Chicago alt-country refugee to an astute purveyor of orchestral pop and true American song-craft, while the uninitiated may quite possibly be on the verge of discovering their favorite new songwriting voice.

By combining recent material with tracks from his four most recent albums, this collection gives testament to Mills’ consistent ability to wrap savvy commentary and emotional realism into mini-studio masterpieces. At turns slyly romantic and heartbreakingly cleareyed, Mills’ songs are packed with enough winks and asides to let the listener know that even though things seem tragic, at least they’re not alone.

In late 90’s Chicago, Mills rose to local prominence through collaborations with Mekons Jon Langford and Sally Timms, and on bills with acts like Steve Earle, Wilco, Neko Case, My Morning Jacket et. al. But while many would find comfort solely mining the rich soil of Americana music en vogue at the time, Mills was never completely at home within the genres somewhat narrow confines – perhaps first evidenced on tracks like “Signal/Noise”, the closing number on 2000’s Kiss It Goodbye, a post-modern homage to Phil Spector’s wall of sound masterminded by producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Josh Ritter, Iron and Wine).

Over the next decade Mills would travel constantly throughout the United States and Europe, developing a loyal following and touring with artists including Ben Folds, Andrew Bird, Califone, Bishop Allen, The Handsome Family, and Lucero. Heavy Years: 2000-2010 draws from the four albums he created during this period, and documents how Mills’ evolving production and musical ideas kept pace with his constantly developing song writing acumen.

Currently living in Brooklyn, NY, Mills is working on songs for his next project, tentatively titled, The Soldier Is The Castle.

“Over the last few years (Mills) has quietly assembled an immensely impressive catalogue. His songs are literate, funny and endearingly hangdog …..”
The Independant, UK

“His hidden elegance lies in the twist of lovesick metaphor, the wistful chord, the revisionist take on the slamming door. ”

“The Silver Line is a thoroughly confident declaration of independence from an artist finally, fully realizing his remarkable talents as a singer, songwriter and performer ”
No Depression
“‘Nightmare at 20,000 Feet’ is a gem of pop grandeur that showcases Mills’ emotional vocal delivery.”
Chicago Sun Times


Beauty Love Truth is produced and directed by Shannon Manning and Louie Pearlman of Sparkle Television. Contact SHANNON a*t SPARKLETELEVISION d*o*t c*o*m


First Episode Shot!

We shot the first episode in Brooklyn on April 3, 2009 with Greg Peterson as musical guest and party guests:

Bob Acevedo, Shawn Amaro (also camera), Siobhan Bohnacker, Emily Bryan, Kirk Damato, Taylor Davis, Phil Dray, Emily Flake, Angus Johnston, Jess Lane, Shannon Manning (also camera), Tiffany Morningstar, Griffin Newman, John Pastore, Louie Pearlman, Alexis Saarela, Maria Scheider, Lianne Smith.

Currently editing- it will be posted soon. Here are some screen captures (keeping the colors secret!)