BEAUTY LOVE TRUTH w/musical guest JEAN GRAE Aug 17, 2015, at Union Hall

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BEAUTY LOVE TRUTH with musical guest JEAN GRAE iSweatergawd by Jean Grae Improvisers: Ed Illades, Ashley Ward, Matt Higgins, Rob Janowski, Louie Pearlman, Shannon Manning, Josh Sharp Intro by Carolyn Castiglia! Mon, August 17, 2015Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm Union Hall Brooklyn, NY$8 Advance / $10 Day of Show TICKETS This event is 21 and over **Please note this event will be mixed seated/standing. Arrive early for best seat selection. Join Beauty Love Truth for an adventurous evening of music, inspiration, and comedy. Guest musicians kick things off by playing a song, and after each song a rotating cast of improvisers create scenes inspired by the mood, images, themes, or words from the song. Nothing is planned; sweet, tragic, or ridiculous relationships unfold, worlds are created or destroyed, souls enlightened or crushed, and magic truths underscored with laughter. Improvisers: Josh Sharp Links Josh Sharp is a stand up and sketch comedian who was included on Vulture’s 2015 “Comics You Should Know” and was named a “Comic to Watch” by TimeOut NY. He was featured in NYCF’s “Best of Sketch” in 2013, 2014 and 2015. You can see his lewdy crudey queer musical “Fucking Identical Twins” now running at the UCB Theatre, his experimental comedy show “Cool Shit/Weird Shit” on the 4th Friday of the month at UCB-East, his gay variety show “A Gay Show For All People” monthly at the Duplex, or you can just stay at home and watch TV on your computer like a loser. If that’s your game, his web series, “How Shit Works”, is soon to drop on Ed Illades Ed has studied and performed improv at Improv Olympic and Annoyance Theatre in Chicago, as well as various bars and festivals here and there. He was an instructor and coach at Improv Olympic until he set sail to perform on a cruise ship with Second City in January of 2008. Ed has performed with the groups Johnny Roast Beef, Brad Renfro, The Gambino Crew, and Pudding-Thank-You, written and performed sketch comedy with Sketchcore, and directed the sketch show Sandy Takes A Break, which played at the NY Sketch Festival and at Comedy Central’s performance space in Los Angeles (yes, that Los Angeles). He currently lives, teaches and performs in New York (Yes, that New York).   Ashley Ward Watch Ashley Ward is an actor, singer and writer originally from Conyers, Ga. She has been performing improv and sketch comedy in New York for more than seven years and continues to perform with several groups, including PIT house team Big Black Car, musical improv group Baby Wants Candy, Taco Supreme, 30,000 khz of Sound, Cragg and Ward, Married Nate and Ashley and Poopy Poopy Fart Fart. Additionally she is...

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Beauty Love Truth with Doug Gillard-Wednesday, Sept 10, 2014 at Union Hall in Brooklyn

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A revolving cast of some of the best improvisers improvise a play inspired in the moment by the guest musician. Wednesday, Sept 10, 2014, 8pm. With musical guest DOUG GILLARD! (GUIDED BY VOICES, NADA SURF, DEATH OF SAMANTHA, LIFEGUARDS, GEM, BAMBI KINO, SALLY CREWE, MASCOTT) Union Hall 702 Union Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn, right off of 5th Ave. – TICKETS $10.   IMPROVISERS: Jon Bander (Magnet) Matt Higgins (Centralia, Burn Manhattan) Shannon Manning (Second City, IO, UCB, “Conan”) Chris Mills (PIT) Louie Pearlman (“Billy on the Street”, Story Pirates, Spidey Project) Mary Regan(UCB, Magnet, PIT) Micah Sherman (The Baldwins, The Scene-PIT) Betsy Todd (UCB, Magnet, “Battle of the Bozos”)   Plus an introduction by CATIE LAZARUS (Employee of the Month Show) who will hold forth on the topic of beauty, love, and/or truth! All this, plus drinks and a hang before and afterwards…for $10. Advanced tickets available and recommended! JOIN THE FACEBOOK EVENT!   More about Doug Gillard: Doug Gillard is a guitarist and songwriter who has performed with bands and artists such as  Guided by Voices, Nada Surf, Richard Buckner, Death Of Samantha, Gem, Cobra Verde,Children’s Crusade, Starvation Army, My Dad is Dead, The Mice, Bill Fox, Sally Crewe, Mascott, Anders and Kendall, Gramercy Arms, The Oranges Band, and as a solo artist. This year he released the album “Parade On” (Nine Mile Records) to great reviews. Gillard has also scored several independent films, including American Cannibal. Gillard presently lives in New York and is a member of Nada Surf. Get his new album at iTunes or band camp! Parade On by doug gillard More about Catie Lazarus: CATIE LAZARUS is a writer and hosts the podcast EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, which features a live monthly taping at Joe’s Pub, where she is an Artist-in-Resident. ECNY awarded her “Best Comedy Writer” and Lewis Black described her as, “More Brilliant Than She’ll Ever Know.” Lazarus writes a column for Out Magazine and has contributed drivel to The New York Times Magazine, Slate, The Daily Beast, Bust, Cosmo, Sesame Workshop, Tribeca Film Festival, Gawker, Funny or Die, Sundance, and numerous anthologies. She also does storytelling and voice overs.  Lazarus is a member of the WGA and involved with The Moth, Just Vision, Azahar Foundation, and UCB. She received her MA and BA from Wesleyan. Please do not hold any of these institutions liable as a...

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Beauty Love Truth w/Evan Wesley Acheson of Boreal Sons. Calgary, AB, Canada Sat June 14

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JUNE 14 @ 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM  The Birds and Stone Theatre 204 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2MCanada     Live music inspires improvised scenes. Feat. music by Evan Wesley Acheson of Boreal Sons. Boreal Sons are an art-rock band whose imaginative compositions are as emotive as they are intelligent, pairing sweeping instrumental arrangements with vivid lyrical imagery and pop-inspired melodies. Woven together by the dynamic voice of singer Evan Wesley Acheson, whose vocal style reimagines old jazz crooners with a darker edge, Boreal Sons’ music ebbs and flows—both overwhelming in its grandeur and captivating in its...

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Beauty Love Truth, Friday, May 16 8pm at Standard Toykraft w/Dave Foster (Bubble) & Rembert Block

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A revolving cast of some of the best improvisers improvise a play inspired in the moment by the guest musician.   NEXT SHOW: Friday, May 16  8pm at Standard Toykraft with Guest Musician Dave Foster (Bubble) with Rembert Block!   Improvisers: Adam Feingold (UCB) Ed Illades (IO Chicago) Shannon Manning (Second City, IO, UCB, “Conan”) Monique Moses (PIT, Story Pirates) Louie Pearlman (“Billy on the Street”, Story Pirates, Spidey Project) Tom Purcell (“Colbert Report”) Mary Regan (UCB, Magnet, PIT) Rylan Venegas (Magnet) more! Plus an introduction by JAMI ATTENBERG (Author The Middlesteins) who will hold forth on the topic of beauty, love, and/or truth!   All this, plus drinks and a hang before and afterwards…for $10. Advanced tickets available.  Friday, May 16, 2014 8pm at Standard Toykraft 722 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, New York. L to Graham or G to Metropolitan.   JOIN THE FACEBOOK EVENT More about Dave Foster (Bubble) “In the late ’70s, Television was among New York’s most exciting new wave bands. So when former Television bassist Fred Smith co-produces a CD, one is anxious to check it out. Smith co-produced Bish Bash, Bubble’s first full-length album, with two members of the New York band (singer Dave Foster and drummer Tom DeVito), and while his participation grab’s one’s attention, it is Bubble’s solid songwriting that ultimately keeps it. Although Smith does his part to make the album sound as good as it does, Bubble doesn’t need a former Television member to be validated. The songs are memorable, and none of them sound anything like Television. Bish Bash is retro, but not in a new wave sense. Rather, the songs on this CD have a strong late ’60s/early ’70s flavor. The Byrds, Big Star, Badfinger, and late-period Beatles are obvious influences, as are John Lennon’s early ’70s solo recordings. Bish Bash contains a few aggressive rockers (“Tell Me What You Want” and “Rainy Day”), but most of the material is reflective and dreamy rather than aggressive. Regrettably, Bubble didn’t do nearly as much recording as it should have in the 1990s; the band formed in 1994 and recorded an EP in 1995, and it wasn’t until this 2000 release that Bubble finally got around to providing a full-length album. This appealing, if less than groundbreaking, effort makes one hope that Bubble will spend a lot more time in the studio in the future.” 4 out of 5 stars, Alex Henderson, All Music...

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Saturday, March 22, 2014 8pm at Standard Toykraft with Kaki King

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A revolving cast of some of the best improvisers come to improvise a play inspired in the moment by the guest musician. NEXT SHOW: Saturday, March 22, 2014 8pm at Standard Toykraft with Musical Guest Kaki King! Improvisers: Andrew Benedict Ryan Crossman Brian Fountain Risa Sang-urai Harms Shannon Manning Branson Reese Mary Regan Robin Rothman Doug Stoley Sean Taylor Betsy Todd Plus an introduction by ZEBADIAH KENEALLY who will hold forth on the topic of beauty, love, and/or truth and their buddy MAGIC!   All this, plus drinks and a hang before and afterwards…for $10. (Donations welcome!) Limited number of advanced tickets available. Saturday, March 22, 2014 8pm at Standard Toykraft 722 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, New York. L to Graham or G to Metropolitan.   JOIN THE FACEBOOK EVENT More about Kaki King: Hailed by Rolling Stone as “a genre unto herself,” Kaki King is a true iconoclast, a visionary musician/artist whose singular work rightly stands out amongst the easily formatted.  Over her decade-long career thus far, the Brooklyn-based guitarist/composer has recorded five extraordinarily diverse and distinctive LPs, performed with such icons as Foo Fighters, Timbaland, and The Mountain Goats, contributed to a variety of film and TV soundtracks (spanning Golden Globe-nominated work on Sean Penn’s Into The Wild to scoring – and appearing in as guitar-playing hand double – the acclaimed 2007 drama, August Rush), and played to ever-growing audiences on innumerable world tours.  Each twist and veer marked the turning of a page, another step forward on a truly exceptional musical path.  Beginning with 2002’s Everybody Loves You – to date, her only fully acoustic guitar recording – King has expanded and reconceived the role of the solo instrumental artist, constantly kicking at the boundaries of what’s expected. MORE...

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The BLT Q&A: Stranger Cat by Nivea Serrao

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You can take the musician out of the wilderness, but not the wilderness out of the musician. That’s how Stranger Cat was born. The latest project from Cat Martino, it is the result of Martino’s brief sojourn in the Sierra Foothills in search of a respite from city living, writing and recording songs that blend together synthesized instruments and electronic beats and layering it with her powerful voice. Still an organic quality is retained. A few years ago, the Brooklyn native was afflicted with an undiagnosed neuromuscular condition that left her isolated in her bedroom. Physically constrained, she turned to her microphone and loop pedal for musical expression. Now, having fully recovered, Martino has thrown herself into her music, employing the loop effects she’d taught herself in her songs, giving them an almost dream-like quality. However, she notes these new songs balance an ethereal layering quality with a rawer and more aggressive energy. She’s also spent the last few years touring and recording with friends – first fellow songstress Sharon Van Etten, then frequent collaborator Sufjan Stevens and now, Stranger Cat co-collaborator Sven Britt. In fact, they’ve even recorded an as-of-yet-to-be released EP together. We asked Cat a few questions in advance of Stranger Cat’s appearance at BLT this Saturday, October 19, 2013 at Standard Toykraft.   Tell us something you think is beautiful. Our bodies are a mini-verse to the macro universe. Inside of us is mostly water, and the elements oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. And essentially we are the same stuff of the stars. Scientifically and metaphorically this is beautiful to me. What is your first memory of love? My father holding me as a newly adopted child. I was only 3 months old, so perhaps it’s just I’ve envisioned the story so many times… I don’t remember it in my mind, but definitely in my body. What is something you know to be true since you were a child? Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the best cereal. What do you love most about making music? The constant return to being a curious and playful child, and having a raw expression through sound. Also, the fringe benefits are off the hook, never-ending hummus… Have you known other people who have done Beauty Love Truth? What are you expecting? What are you looking forward to? Nope! No clue, surprise me, bring it ON! I am looking forward to what I just found out about improvisation and comedy – improvisation has always been a huge part of my creative process before a song becomes fixed. It allows one to be completely in the moment, and find intuitive truths come out when there is no time for plotted thinking. I...

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