The BLT Q&A with Amazing Jellies by Kaitlin Fontana

The BLT Q&A with Amazing Jellies by Kaitlin Fontana

Boy + girl = music. Like 2 + 2 = 4, it’s an equation that has been potently true since the dawn of time. Boy/girl harmonies are scientifically proven to be the sweetest, and the love of two people (or the loss of love, see: Fleetwood Mac) can make the saddest music beautiful, and the most beautiful music the saddest.

In the grand tradition of boys and girls who love one another and make music together comes Amazing Jellies. Made up of husband-and-wife team Eli Bolin (music director for the Story Pirates, bandleader for the new WNYC variety show King’s County hosted by Kurt Andersen, composer for TV shows like Sesame Street and Comedy Central Presents: Kristen Schaal, and who you might recognize as a member of the Woggels on last season’s 30 Rock) and Allison Posner (an actress with a dynamic, music-peppered resume long enough to unfurl like a red carpet, including Into the Woods, Equus and Factory Girls), Amazing Jellies’ songs are raucous, upbeat and melody-driven odes to two people finding each other and fighting to make it work. And hey, isn’t that what two-part harmony is all about?

BLT sat Allison and Eli down for a Q&A before their special guest appearance as the live musical act for Beauty Love Truth on June 28.

Tell us something you think is beautiful.
The love between a dog and a really fat baby.

What do you love most about making music?
Creating new stuff is fun, but we also enjoy the simple pleasures of harmonizing together.

Tell us a truth from your lyrics.
“I take direction awfully well.”

What’s your first memory of something beautiful?
Allison: Being on the beach as a child in Melbourne, Florida.

How did you become a musician? Why do you keep doing it?
Eli: We had instruments in our house all the time, and my dad sang in barbershop quartets and played a lot of folk guitar. I got hooked on the Beatles at three (the only rock in my dad’s collection) and couldn’t keep my hands off any instruments I could find.

Tell us something true.
Allison was the Blockbuster Video Genesis/SNES Video Game Champion of Ocala, FL, and went to Orlando for the state championship.

Who do you love?
Each other, our families, friends, and Allison’s late dog Kipper. Also, fat babies.

What’s something/someone you love that it would surprise people?
Allison: Cownose stingrays.

Have you known other people who have done Beauty Love Truth? What are you expecting? What are you looking forward to?
We know a bunch of the comedians, not the musicians. We know how talented our funny friends are, so we can only assume the experience will be amazing!

Everyone lies, but what is something you always tell the truth about?
Food allergies.

Amazing Jellies (with Brendan O’Grady and Jake Alrich) join Beauty Love Truth live at the PIT in NYC June 28 at 8pm.

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